Mobile DJ Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance - Why?

Why have DJ PLI?Up until about 10 years ago it would've been hard to find a mobile DJ who held Public Liability Insurance and, even if they did, it would've been for £2million or less.

Times change though and in the present climate of 'No Win - No Fee' deals from lawyers, more and more people are in the position to claim if they are injured or their property is damaged by someone else

Public Liability Insurance & the Law

Is DJ PLI Required by Law?There is no law at present in the UK that makes it compulsory for mobile DJs to have public liability insurance however many venues now insist that all contractors who work on their premises be in possession of their own liability insurance - some even specify the limit of this (up to £10million PLI).

The number of venues that insist on DJs holding Public Liability Insurance is increasing every week. DJs need to be aware that a venue they may have visited in the past could have changed their policy with regard to PLI and they may be asked for evidence of this on arrival.

Will DJ PLI Benefit My Disco Business?

Will PLI Help my Disco Business?Having public liability insurance will not make you a better DJ but it does show that you take your mobile disco business seriously and that you are aware of your liabilities outside of playing music. It also gives you access to those venues which require proof of insurance before allowing you to perform in them.

Then there's the added bonus of peace of mind - what would happen if your disco equipment caught fire and damaged the venue? It's not just repair costs, there's loss of business suffered by the venue whilst it's renovated.

Taking out short term DJ PLI just because a venue has asked for it can be more expensive than joining us for a full year.

Is Public Liability Insurance Expensive?

Is DJ PLI Expensive?This is the good bit! No, it's not expensive. There are many organisations providing cheap DJ Public Liability Insurance as part of membership or you can go directly to an insurance broker and be covered, usually for less than £100 per year.

AMPdj provides £10million Public Liability Insurance as part of membership, together with lots of other worthwhile benefits for just £49 per year. Also included with the public liability insurance is product liability insurance and dry hire insurance cover which includes dance floors and uplighting.

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