DJ PLI (DJ Public Liability Insurance)


Common DJ PLI Questions...

What is DJ PLI?
What is DJ PLI?

DJ PLI (Public Liability Insurance) covers you for accidental injury or damage caused to third parties or property as a result of carrying out your occupation as a mobile disc jockey.

What does DJ PLI cover?
What does my DJ PLI cover?

PLI covers accidental injury to third parties or damage to other property whilst executing your duties as a mobile DJ.

Legal costs up to £250,000 are also included with the Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs member policy.
Evidence of DJ PLI
What evidence of PLI cover do I need?

Always carry a copy of your DJ PLI Public Liability Insurance certificate with you when working as you never know when someone may ask for it. In addition, include a DJ PLI Validator button on your website. If a client or venue clicks on the button they can immediately see that you have current DJ PLI.

Venues and clients can also check any certificate from You can also login to your account from any internet terminal or mobile phone (iPhone & Android) and access your DJ PLI Certificate.
Is DJ PLI cheap?
Is DJ PLI Cheap?

We provide £10m DJ PLI cover, underwritten by Convex Insurance UK Ltd as one of the many benefits of AMPdj membership. As the full membership is only £49.99 for a whole year then 'Yes', DJ PLI is cheap!

PLI age restrictions
What is the age limit for the DJ PLI policy?

There isn't one! We have teenagers as members and DJs into their 60s

AMPdj Green Policy
AMPdj & the Environment

Green! - AMPdj and the Environment - all our sites are hosted with carbon neutral companies. We make extensive use of the internet for messaging and the very small amount of paper waste we produce is sent for re-cycling.

We use the latest energy efficient lighting in our office, making use of natural light during the day and we heat it using recycled material.

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5/5 stars for AMPdj Rating

Why do DJs need PLI?
Why do I need DJ PLI (Public Liability Insurance)?

It covers your legal liability to pay compensation in respect of accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to Third Party Persons or Property. Guests or venue staff could make a claim against you if they incur an accidental injury. A venue could make a claim against you if you have caused any damage to their property.

Do you need DJ PLI?
Does my DJ need to have PLI (Public Liability Insurance)?

For your own peace of mind, it is important that your DJ is covered for all eventualities. If one of your guests should injure themselves on the disco equipment, and the DJ doesn't have cover, they could claim directly off you. Likewise, if your DJ damages any of the fixtures or fittings at your venue, you could be held responsible, as the hirer, if your DJ isn't covered.

Many venues insist on seeing evidence that your DJ has PLI. Check the small print on your venue hire terms and conditions form - chances are it's in there.

How much PLI cover?
Does it matter how much PLI my DJ has?

Some venues insist on a minimum amount, which is increasing year on year. Venues under council control, many listed buildings, large hotels and country houses often require the maximum, which is £10 million insurance cover.

Short term DJ PLI
Where can I get DJ Public Liability Insurance for One Day?

You may find that this is more expensive than one year!! If you do more than one disco a year then it's also worth having an annual policy. Any short term insurance is usually more expensive, besides there's an equal chance of a claim at all events, not just those where you are asked for evidence of your DJ PLI cover.

Latest news
Latest News ...

Free! - Free Web Hosting has been added to our ever growing list of benefits for members.

AMPdj members will receive free hosting during their membership with 2Gb of space, 5 mail boxes and lots more.

Save! - Discounted Equipment Insurance for Mobile DJs has been added to our ever growing list of benefits for members.

AMPdj members will receive a discount of up to 15% on their vehicle insurance through our partner Adrian Flux Insurance Services.

Click here for the latest information on all AMPdj benefits

AMPdj Information
AMP-dj Information Site

Want to know how we do it all for just £49.99. Our portfolio of sites, together with benefits and a step by step guide to joining is provided on this site.

Will it help my disco business?
Will having PLI help my Mobile Disco business?

Increasingly venues now insist on seeing evidence of your DJ PLI before allowing you to enter the building and set up.

It gives potential clients confidence in you and promotes you as a professional, taking your mobile disco business seriously. It also gives peace of mind, not only to you, but also the venue and your potential clients.

It won't help you to be a better DJ but having DJ PLI (DJ Public Liability Insurance) may also help you to gain access to venues you might not otherwise be permitted to perform in without it, so in this regard it will help your DJ business.

PLI for disco companies
Is the PLI for the mobile disco company or the DJ?

In most cases Public Liability Insurance is for the individual only.

Members of The Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs will hold a policy with their own name and address indicated on it. More than one person from the same mobile disco company may hold membership & PLI with us - in these cases each will be in possession of a certificate bearing their own name and the address of the company.

Venue PLI
Should I provide PLI cover for any entertainment I am booking

This is very unusual and may also be expensive - far easier (& cheaper) to book a DJ/Disco who already has the necessary amount of PLI cover to satisfy the requirements of the venue.

Make an enquiry at as all our DJs have the necessary PLI cover.
Mobile DJ PLI
Is AMPdj only for mobile DJs?

Whilst our membership is primarily made up of mobile DJs our PLI covers "the activities of insured Disc jockey's including the dry hire of audio visual DJ equipment and accessories including lighting and dance floors and tuition of DJ related skills." so also covers Club DJs, Radio DJs, including both professional full time and part-time DJs, plus teaching DJs too.

If you are a musician, singer, soloist, tribute act, part of a duo, trio or in a band then go to AMPband where membership includes free £10m PLI

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"Hi Paul
I am sorry I missed you guys at the stand at BPM, had a great day and spent loads of time with Alex at DJ Event planner (I got through AMP).

I have also just purchased Text2Screen I got through AMPdj too.
So finding the membership fantastic.

Keep up the great work
Kind regards"

5/5 stars for AMPdj Rating

Is it a legal requirement?
Is it a legal requirement to have DJ PLI?

No - if you don't have  DJ PLI you won't be breaking the law however in today's society of 'No Win - No Fee' companies it's now easier than ever for someone to claim off you. If you accidentally injure someone or damage property whilst working as a mobile DJ then having PLI could save you £1,000s (even millions of pounds) in any claim for damages.

It's not just the injury compensation either. Legal fees can be much much more than the original claim.

Worldwide PLI cover
What area does my PLI Public Liability Insurance cover?

The cover is worldwide in respect of any business undertaken at or from premises within Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man

How quickly can I get DJ PLI
My current DJ PLI expires at 6.00pm next Friday, if I joined you then how soon after will I receive my PLI Certificate?

By using our fully automated registration system your new Public Liability Insurance certificate will be available for you to download and print off within minutes of joining.

DJ PLI cover
Will each policy be covered on its own merits and any individual claims covered irrespective of other policies for other members?

The Limit of Indemnity provided under the Public Liability cover is provided on an each and every occurrence basis and is unlimited during the policy period. This means that each individual claim is limited to £10,000,000 but there is no limit on the amount of claims that can be made during the period of insurance.

AMPdj benefits
What other benefits does AMPdj offer in addition to DJ PLI?

The additional benefits include client enquiries, discounts on related services, DJ business advice, support and lots more. Benefits are being added all the time so for the latest information visit the main AMPdj site.

AMPdj benefits
Other Useful Benefits

Useful!! - Risk Assessment Guides have been added to our extensive help and advice section for members.

Every month it seems that more & more venues are asking for a risk assessment to be submitted and we make it straightforward - yet another exclusive benefit for AMPdj members.

Useful! - Booking Form Template We always recommend that every booking is confirmed with a written agreement. A sample template is provided within the AMPdj members area.

Useful! - Hire Agreement
An increasing number of mobile DJs hire out lighting & dancefloors (which are covered by our DJ PLI). A sample hire agreement is provided for AMPdj members.

The information on this page is for general guidance only - E&OE. You should consult the full DJ Public Liability Insurance policy documents (DJ PLI policy) to ensure that they meet your specific requirements. Copies of these are available from links on the main AMPdj site.